Trivium Global

The "Trivium" is a systematic method of critical thinking meant to be implemeneted throughout educational systems, building on three disciplines: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The logo is meant to implement the disciplinary trinity, and using three roads leading towards the horizon to envision the path of students who use Trivium Global's technologies.


Nimbus is an App Development, Branding, and Consultancy company based in New York. The logo incorporates the company's name with their objective - to help launch start-ups. The logo shows a rocket launching upwards, its exhaust forming the shape of a cloud surrounding it. The logotype is a custom modular typeface to reflect the soft roundness of clouds. See for more.

Qur'an Academy

Qur'an Academy is a comprehensive app intended to help users memorizes passages of the Qur'an. The logo takes an islamic prayer beed, called a tasbih, creating an abstract form to resemble a Q. Hollow circles represent dividing markers on a tasbih which are being implemented as progress markers for the academy. More information on Qur'an Academy can be found at


The Muslim Bar Assocation of New York is a member-based professional association serving the educational, professional, and social needs of Muslim legal professionals & law students living and working in the New York metropolitan area. The central element in the logo is an M built from tall stone pillars mimicking the entrance to a court hall. For more information on MuBANY visit

Block 45

Block 45 Industrial Complex will soon house an industrial bay in Western Canada. Thirteen acres of land are being developed to create a 75,000 square foot facility for incoming businesses. The logo reflects the location of the complex - located on 45th street in Leduc, Alberta - and uses an abstracted form of the entire space to house the 45 in the logoform. Additionally, the entire logo form uses 45° angles to shape both the bounding box and the angled cuts in 45. See more here.


Bollyshake is for Bollywood fans. Users can view and upload their own renditions of dance sequences, review dance team performances, and compete in monthly contests hosted by the site. The logo is meant to illustrate movement - the twirling, flowing movements of indian dance and clothing, specifically the dupatta. See more at

Falcon Lubricants

Falcon Lubricants builds upon an oil recycling technology to turn waste oil into reusable fuel. The logo implements a perched falcon sitting on a curved cut through an oil drop, signifying the "portion saved" when using Falcon Lubricants.

The Media Workshop

A Quick logo made for my cousin's new venture - a social media agency based out of Pakistan. She wanted a simple minimalist logo, so the typography sits on a shape that's a W in one way (for Workshop) and an M in the negative space.