The Mosquers

This was a full rebranding project for a film festival in Edmonton, Alberta. The concept is the highlighter, paired with typography to suggest an inky, scribbled handwriting of a director to evoke individuality, personality, and urgency. Full website development and more insight to the festival available at the mosquers.


A Quick logo for a new product by MOST Oil, a manufacturing company based out of Edmonton, CA. The technology uses magnetism to propel the oil drilling process, so the straightforward design embeds an arrow to denote the sense of a compass into the logo.

New York Burger Appreciation Society

The New York Burger Appreciation Society is a subscription service highlighting the most gourmet burgers available in New York, sending a burger each week to subscribers. The logo is meant to elicit the feeling of an exclusive yet old-fashioned club for its members - those who understand just how great burgers can be.

Harbor Road Ventures

Harbor Road Ventures is an angel investment firm. This re-brand is meant to allude the digital rain portrayed in the Matrix movie series, pinning the head Angel Investors as those who can see through the noise and pinpoint the right start-ups in the tech industry to invest in. Visit for more information.

Innovation Immersion Program

The Innovation Immersion Program is a global initiative at the University of Illinois, providing exposure to research and technologies and spreading innovation across technology clusters. The logo reflects the person behind the idea - a small man within a light bulb who presents the conceptual development for IIP's initiatives.

Tally Ho Tavern

Tally Ho Tavern is the best bar in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Go there. You'll see exactly what I mean. Ask for Jaap. Oh, right - I designed this logo because I didn't like Jaap's old logo. It's way better. His old logo had a badger or something in it. Doesn't this logo make you want to just go "Tally HO!" If it does, let Jaap know. See more at Tally Ho's Facebook page.

I Don't Wanna Be A Dr.

CMMNWLTH GRP began an initiative encouraging young Muslims in America to follow their passions and to feel less pressured to work in medical fields, a popular career path for South Asians. The logo is an intersect of three symbols - bandages, referencing medical careers; an X, crossing out the career for alternatives; and a heart, sitting undernearth the bandages within the X to encourage students and young professionals to search for what they love behind their immediate career considerations.

Islamic Fitness

Islamic Fitness was established in 2014 to provide nutritional guidance throughout Ramadan, where maintaining a balanced diet and consistent exercise schedule becomes difficult. The logo shows a sun peaking over the horizon, suggesting both sunrise and sunset - the times where fasting begins and ends during Ramadan - with the sides doubling as a barbell. The crescent moon is hidden within the spheres as a shine. For more information, visit