Logos completed for various clients across the past few years. 

Logos completed for various clients across the past few years. 

Logos completed for various clients across the past few years. 


Harbor Road Ventures is a venture capitalist fund started by Helen Hockney, who has spent decades as a venture and angel investor. This logo takes on a cascade of binary code, falling into the name of the fund itself, suggesting the intent of the fund is to specialize in seeking out start-ups specifically in the tech field. The binary for the logo (and for future development) will always relate to real words, associating to whatever is related to the surrounding topic. 


I Don't Want To Be A Doctor is an initiative led by Commonwealth Group to encourage young professionals in the South Asian community to pursue alternative careers outside medicine. The logo incorporates an X formed by bandages - to suggest both the rebellion against the automatic career path towards medicine, and to reference itself as an ironic healing metric towards our community's future. There's also a subtle heart to suggest that it is essential to follow the career you love most, not the career that our parents or community wish upon us. 


Islamic Fitness was established in 2014 to provide nutritional guidance throughout Ramadan, where maintaining a balanced diet and consistent exercise schedule becomes difficult. The logo shows a sun peaking over the horizon, suggesting both sunrise and sunset - the times where fasting begins and ends during Ramadan - with the sides doubling as a barbell. The crescent moon is hidden within the spheres as a shine.


Trivium Global is a financial advisory service. The "trivium" is a systematic method of critical thinking meant to be implemeneted throughout educational systems, building on three disciplines: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The logo is meant to implement the disciplinary trinity, and applied to advisory, as Goal Definition, Logical Analysis, and Artistic Application. See more at Trivium Global.


Tally Ho Tavern is the best bar in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Go there. You'll see exactly what I mean. And yes, to be fair, this isn't exactly an unbiased opinion. This project came around as an offer to renew my friend's bar's branding, which felt outdated and hard to discern - so this logo serves to retain the old tavern aesthetic with a modern colorization and appeal.


Qur'an Academy is a comprehensive app intended to help users memorizes passages of the Qur'an. The logo takes an islamic prayer beed, called a tasbih, creating an abstract form to resemble a Q. Hollow circles represent dividing markers on a tasbih which are being implemented as progress markers for the academy. More information on Qur'an Academy can be found at


Siren Magazine is an upcoming online and print publication in Pakistan. It's purpose is to highlight the appreciated yet undervalued art scene in Pakistan and provide a means for these artists to establish a forum to discuss a variety of issues facing the country. The logo implements a red dot over its i to signify a red alarm going off, and the same urgency is represented with the i serving as an upside-down exclamation point. Lastly, it serves as an abtract form of a Greek siren, pulling its audience in with, again, haste and urgency. 


CourseHorse is a way for adults in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles to discover classes across hundreds of different types of topics. The logo was granted a minimal treatment, with the most focus on a red star as its main element. It's a measure of hope, progress, and completion - going from a newbie in a desired hobby to achieving mastery in the future and fulfilling the star. For more information, visit


The Muslim Bar Assocation of New York (or MuBANYis a member-based professional association serving the educational, professional, and social needs of Muslim legal professionals & law students living and working in the New York metropolitan area. The central element in the logo is an M built from tall stone pillars mimicking the entrance to a court hall. For more information on MuBANY visit


SideQuest Café is a fictional café developed as a Professor's Assistant for an online class to illustrate the design process of a logo. The café is a video game themed coffee shop, meant to be a respite from every day life by providing a space to sit and work, read, or just relax. It takes its name from a short quest that doesn't advance the main storyline of a video game, but instead provides additional context to the world or just some added fun. The whole process can be viewed here.  


MAZA NYC (translating to "fun" in Urdu, the native language in Pakistan) is a social organization meant to bring Muslims together for networking, dating, and philanthropic pursuits. It was created in 2012 to bring the young professional community together, providing events such as happy hours, photography classes, fundraisers, iftars, sports, and singles events. See more at Maza NYC


Block 45 Industrial Complex is an industrial bay in Western Canada. Thirteen acres of land are being developed to create a 75,000 square foot facility for incoming businesses. The logo reflects the location of the complex - located on 45th street in Leduc, Alberta - and uses an abstracted form of the entire space to house the 45 in the logoform. Additionally, the entire logo form uses 45° angles to shape both the bounding box and the angled cuts in 45. 


illMuslims has been established for a few years now, and the organization constantly creates new ventures to connect with Muslims around the United States. This calligraphic mark was part of their new fashion line to create streetwear-inspired jackets and hats to incorporate more people under the same sense of family and belonging. 


Le Souk is another illMuslims property, serving as a way to connect a series of vendors at convention and event spaces. The vendors are all Muslims in America selling artisinal goods, with the stream of vendors next to one another resembling a souk, or an Arab marketplace / bazaar. A typographic bracket is used to resemble the curved architectural entrance of a souk, which doubles as a means to introduce {vendors} as a way to signify their association with the brand. 



Hit me up any way you feel comfortable. If you’d like to reach me directly, let’s talk at If you’re kind of shy and want to inch your way to direct communication, find me on any of the social media links on the right. Want to go to the main page? Here you go.

Hit me up any way you feel comfortable. If you’d like to reach me directly, let’s talk at If you’re kind of shy and want to inch your way to direct communication, find me on any of the social media icons below. Want to go to the main page? Here you go.